Common Gym Slangs That You Should Know

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Are you ready to start your fitness journey at Power Plate Centers? When yes, here are some common slang terms and jargon that you might want to get familiar with. Knowing commonly used gym slang terms will help you feel confident during interaction and know what others are talking about.

NEWBIE: If you are familiar with this term, it is used similarly in gyms as well. It is used to refer to someone new or unfamiliar with the gym.

ATG: It is the acronym for Ass to Grass which is used to describe a squat.

BARBELL: It is a long bar that can be loaded with weights on each side. You can use it to perform several exercises.

CLEAN EATING: Clean eating means eating natural and unprocessed food such as vegetables and fruits in their natural state. It requires avoiding sugar and processed carbs.

PB: It is the acronym for ‘Personal Best’. This is a bit similar to the max but it can also be used as PB repetitions.

REPS: It is short-term for Repetitions. It means the number of times you perform an exercise within a set.

SETS: An exercise contains a number of sets and these sets contain a number of reps. You perform a certain number of sets in each exercise. For instance, if you do 3 sets of 10 reps for squats, it translates to a total of 30 squats.

REST: It is like a strategic break in between sets. It provides you with some rest for a short time. Depending upon the intensity of your workout and your fitness level, you can take a rest of 1-3 minutes between each set.

WARM-UP: It is the pre-training stretching or activity that you do before starting any workout. It gradually revs up your cardiovascular system by raising your body temperature and increasing blood flow to the muscles. It reduces the risk of injury by preparing your body for an intense workout.

HIIT: It refers to High-Intensity Interval Training. It is the exercise that alternates between high-intensity periods and low-intensity recovery periods (50% of the high-intensity speed).

PLANK: It is an isometric core exercise that requires maintaining a position similar to push-ups for the maximum possible period. You can make the best out of planks with Power Plate.

FORM: The act of performing an exercise in an appropriate way is known as form. So, you should always maintain your form and perform every exercise correctly.

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