How Can You Improve Your Body Composition?

Healthy body weight has a major impact on overall health and well-being. This is why people aim to maintain a healthy weight and they do everything for the same. They spend hours in the gym and eat caloric-deficit food. Not only this, but they also attend other fitness classes. But, still, they don’t get the expected results. This is because they don’t pay attention to body composition or the muscle-to-fat ratio. 

This aspect is important for your look as well as fitness performance and self-esteem.  

What does body composition mean and why is it important?

The body composition determines the percentage of your total body weight that comes from fat, muscle, and bone. By knowing your body composition, you will get more detailed information about your health and this will help you to work in that particular direction for healthy body weight. 

As body composition measures your overall health and fitness level in terms of your body fat percentage, you must consider it now and always. Without understanding your body composition, it will be difficult for you to determine the difference between how much of your weight comes from fat and how much from muscle. 

What is optimal body composition?

Literally, the optimal body composition is defined as a lean and toned body that looks strong and healthy. But, actually, there is no such optimal body composition. The body composition varies from one person to another and it depends on different factors such as gender, age, nutrition, physical activity, and hormonal status. 

An example of poor body composition: If the body fat percentage is too high but with a low muscle mass percentage, it makes the person look thin but not strong, skinny but not healthy. People feel happy to look thin but actually, it’s not right for them. So, it’s better to focus on fat loss and muscle development to look and stay healthy than on weight loss. With this, you will get a lean and toned body that will be strong and healthy as well. 

What should you do to get an optimal body composition?

First, you should create a caloric deficit diet so that your body can use more of its stored fats for energy production. You should cut around 200-300 kcal from your daily menu. The process to lose fat and build muscles will be slow with diet change but your body will continue to look strong and healthy. 

Second, you should visit Power Plate Centers for vibration training. It’s the first and the only high-end holistic fitness and wellness center in the Middle East. Vibration training supports fat loss and muscle development, improving body composition. This training gives quick and effective results that you might not achieve with other methods. 

At Power Plate Centers, you will be trained on an individual medical-graded Power Plate device under the guidance of professional experts. During the session, you will be asked to perform different exercises on the platform based on your body requirements. You just have to visit the center for 27 minutes twice or thrice a week. 

27-Minutes Power Plate training is effective because it vibrates in 3-directions (back and forward, up and down, and side by side). Also, it contracts muscles up to 1500 times per 30 seconds, which is a very large number compared to traditional exercises that cause up to 60 muscle contractions per 30 seconds. 

Optimal body composition is important for healthy body weight. So, you should start working on it from today.