How Do Vibration Training Sessions Help Lose Weight and Improve Fitness?

Many people want to know whether or not a vibrating machine helps in losing weight and improving overall fitness. And some are unsure if it is as beneficial as regular exercise. Let us help you clear all the doubts.  

Before getting a vibrating machine, you must take note that Power Plate is the only medical-certified and Mayo Clinic awarded whole body vibration (WBV) device. Copycats are just shaking machines and can do more harm than good by damaging your skeleton. Thus, exercising on copycat vibrating machines doesn’t bring any benefits. To ensure that you achieve your fitness goals and improve your overall physical and mental health, make sure you have the right WBV machine, i.e. Power Plate.  

The Power Plate vibration training is more than simply the latest fitness craze as vibration training sessions offer plenty of scientifically proven health benefits, including:

  1. 1. Stronger and Toned Muscles:

Your muscles contract up to 50 times per second when using the Power Plate. Multiple muscle fibers are engaged in each movement as your body strives to reestablish balance which, in turn, dramatically increases the effectiveness of any activity done on the Power Plate.

This is why squats on a Power Plate take more energy than squats on the ground. Consider doing dynamic strength workouts like squats, push-ups, and lunges to make the most of your time on Power Plate.

The use of varied angles to vary the exercise improves the exercise’s performance by stimulating more muscle fibers, which leads to muscle building and strength.

  1. 2. Rapid Fat Loss and Increased Metabolism

According to several studies, participants dropped 10.5 percent of their body weight using dynamic exercises on a vibrating machine and a nutritious diet. Power Plate training boosts your metabolism, which helps you lose weight. Do all your traditional workouts on Power Plate to get the most out of your workout.

  1. 3. Cellulite Buster

For cellulite reduction, burning fat and improved circulation are essential. As exercises on Power Plate speed up the fat burning process, it reduces the pesky fat cells and tightens the skin, resulting in improved cellulite appearance. Many studies have shown that Power Plate exercises can reduce cellulite by 32.3 percent.

  1. 4. Increased Bone Density:

Bone density can be improved by engaging in 15-minute vibration training sessions three times a week. It is a safe, effective, and non-drug option for osteoporosis prevention, bone maintenance, and improvement.

  1. 5. Better Balance, Flexibility, Coordination:

Muscles contract 1-2 times per second with typical exercises, compared to 50 contractions per second while using Power Plate.

The Power Plate engages your core and hip flexors to stabilize your body. This makes your body work harder, and the muscles around your joints become stronger.

You’ll notice an improvement in your balance, coordination, posture, gait, and flexibility in much less time.

  1. 6. Boost Your Immunity:

The blood circulation in your body improves as muscles contract and relax regularly. Power Plate helps improve your blood flow by stimulating high-speed muscle contractions. Increased blood flow ensures that your muscles are oxygenated, hastening your recuperation, and rejuvenating your body. Faster metabolic waste elimination is also facilitated by improved blood circulation.

  1. 7. Lymphatic System Stimulation:

Vibration training stimulates the lymphatic system, which triggers an immunological response in the lymph nodes and improves the body’s defenses against sickness.

Besides, Power Plate exercises also help the lymph system drain more effectively, allowing stored fats and toxins to exit the body through the circulatory system’s natural filters. It is particularly significant for the aging body, in which lymph health becomes increasingly crucial to overall health.

  1. 8. Lower Cortisol Levels:

The stress hormone cortisol is caused by the adrenal glands. Although cortisol is necessary for your body to cope with stressful events, it can also cause more harm than good.

Cortisol levels that remain high for an extended period of time can interrupt sleep, adversely affect mood, deplete energy, and may also lead to weight gain, diabetes, and high blood pressure. With vibration training sessions, you will also see a reduction in the stress caused by the high levels of cortisol.

A Power Plate can be used as a complete full-body workout or to warm up and cool down before and after physical exercise or sports practice. So, join our vibration training sessions today and see the results for yourself.