How Power Plate Training Helps Postnatal Moms

It feels so great to hold your baby in your arms after nurturing him/her for 9 months in your womb. It’s like an achievement to give birth to a healthy baby and get the status of a mother. Everything changes, especially the priorities as new moms start thinking more about their babies than them. 

Motherhood is one of the happiest feelings. But, things are not fine for postnatal moms. On one side, they are happy to give birth to a new life but, on the other side, they are worried about their health and post-pregnancy complications. They are worried about whether it will be possible for them to return to their pre-pregnancy condition. 

What do postnatal moms suffer from?

Keep in mind that the problems vary from one mom to another. It depends on the health condition of the new mom and complications during delivery. New moms face many challenges concerning their physical and emotional health and appearance. 

One of the common occurrences in the later stages of pregnancy is diastasis recti, which involves the separation of the most superficial abdominal muscle called the rectus abdominis. This further contributes to abdominal weakness, requiring specific treatment by a qualified healthcare provider. 

Whether the birth was natural or by cesarean section, it places a great deal of stress on the pelvic floor, spine, and abdominal region. This restricts the functioning of these areas, creating problems for the new moms. As these muscles are very hard to reach, women find it difficult to train them, especially with conventional training.

Hormonal imbalance is another common problem of post-natal moms. The primary reason for hormonal imbalance is the changing levels of reproductive hormones called estrogen and progesterone. When levels of these hormones change, it causes several physical and mental changes in the body of the women.

Last and most important, the perpetual fatigue that accompanies motherhood and childcare makes the daily dose of movement critical. And thus, they find it difficult to keep up with good health. Lack of activities or restricted activities leads to weight gain and other health complications. And it happens because of lack of time, lack of energy, and lack of motivation because everything revolves around the newborn. 

Whole-body vibration training makes recovery easy for postnatal moms by taking care of all the problems discussed above. And this training is given by Power Plate Centers. It’s the only high-end holistic fitness and wellness center in the Middle East. 

Power Plate Training for Postnatal Moms

Power Plate is a medical-grade vibrating machine that vibrates in 3 directions simultaneously, providing whole-body vibration training. 

The whole-body vibration training facilitates the exercises with ease for postnatal moms. The best thing is that this training can produce effective results in short periods, making it an ideal option for new moms who are super busy with their newborns. 

The training initiates gentle and efficient exercises without imposing excessive stress on the body. The parameters are adjusted to promote comfort and gradual progression as strength and endurance improve. 

Other than this, whole-body vibration training includes improvements in strength, blood circulation, pain, balance, weight, mood, and even quality of life. 

At Power Plate Centers, moms come for only 27 minutes and they find lots of changes in them. The center offers high-advanced low-impact workouts, performed on individual Power Plate devices with guided instructions, carefully curated music, and a dynamic experience. 

The Power Plate gives results in lesser time because it contracts the muscles up to 1500 times per 30 seconds compared to 60 times per 30 seconds with traditional exercises. 

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