Is it possible to lose weight with a vibration machine?

Yes, a medical-grade Power Plate vibration machine helps you lose weight, and that too in lesser time than your traditional weight loss training. Before understanding how Power Plate vibration training helps you lose weight faster, it is critical to understand what exactly a Power Plate machine is.

What is Power Plate? Why should you use it for weight loss training?

Power Plate is a medical-grade whole body vibration machine that produces high-speed micro-vibrations which force your muscles to automatically contract up to 1,500 times per 30 seconds, engaging both Type 1 and Type 2 muscle groups and activating up to 98 percent of muscle fibers at once.

Unlike other vibration plate machines in the market, Power Plate vibrates in multiple directions (up and down, front to back, and left to right) simultaneously to deliver a high-advanced low impact workout, expediting fitness results without causing strain on your ligaments and joints.

On the other hand, when you simply do traditional weight loss exercises and workouts, your muscles contract only up to a max of 60 times per 30 seconds and you are able to engage only Type 1 muscle group and activate only 38% of muscle fibers.

Consequently, you see fitness results and achieve your weight loss goals in lesser time with Power Plate than traditional weight loss training. But this is not it. There is more to why you see better, faster, and long-lasting weight loss results with Power Plate.

How does a vibration machine speed up weight loss?

Whole-body vibration (WBV) is getting a more popular option to reduce body fat and lose weight. Apart from whole-body vibration training, you can also do conventional weight loss exercises on Power Plate to see visible results faster.

The high-frequency micro-vibrations produced by the medical-grade vibration plate machine pass through your entire body, which ultimately results in:

  1. 1. Increased metabolism

Metabolism refers to a series of biochemical reactions that change foods into energy to fuel your body functions. Your metabolic rate is the rate at which your body expends energy or burns calories. Your body burns calories in various ways, such as performing necessary body functions, everyday activities, and exercises. Increased metabolism means your body is burning more calories to support your body functions and the increased physical activity (vibration workouts).

  1. 2. Expedited fat burning rate

Power Plate training makes your body work harder in lesser time. Though the number of fat cells remains constant throughout your life, the size of individual fat cells shrinks as they start shedding lipids to make up for the energy you need while doing vibration plate exercises or whole-body vibration. Most of the part is exhaled as carbon dioxide through the lungs and the rest becomes water which is expelled in bodily fluids, such as urine and sweating.

  1. 3. Increased muscle tissue anabolism

Anabolism refers to the process of building molecules (such as muscle building) and requires energy for completion, while catabolism refers to the breakdown of molecules which results in the release of energy; some of which is used for body functions and the rest is stored as glycogen or fat for later use. Anabolic processes cannot take place without the energy produced during catabolism.

When you do exercises on the medical-grade vibration plate machine, it strengthens your muscles, which is possible only due to increased rate of muscle tissue anabolism. Increased muscle tissue anabolism means the demand for energy that is stored in the form of fat also becomes higher, leading to shrinkage in the fat cells and reduced body fat percentage.

  1. 4. Improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

Power Plate exercises improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in your body. When your blood circulates properly, the supply of oxygen to fat cells, also known as adipocytes also improves even in those areas that are hard to reach. This makes fat cells in the entire body more accessible for energy utilization. Apart from this, improved lymph flow in your body prevents your body from retaining excessive amounts of water and lymph fluid.

Did you know Power Plate training has been shown to reduce visceral fat, also called belly fat which is extremely difficult with traditional training?

There are far more benefits of joining Power Plate training than doing just traditional workouts for weight loss, such as strengthened muscles, boosted endurance, uplifted mood, reduced stress, increased flexibility, enhanced range of motion, and improved balance, posture, and gait, and more.

If you wish to lose weight faster, connect with Power Plate Centers to join Power Plate training today. You can choose from our one-on-one classes or small group female-only and mixed classes as per your comfort. All you need is just 27 minutes with us twice or thrice a week to achieve a slimmer, more toned, and healthier body.